The I Do Concepts Process

I Do Concepts offers a wide variety of styles and options to meet your needs. You can browse through our many galleries to see examples of the wedding invitations, stationary, and other paper products we have created in the past! You can also visit our studio if you are in the Los Angeles area to browse our designs in person.

We offer custom wedding invitation and couture stationary to the entire world from our Los Angeles studio! If you are in the area you are more than welcome to stop by, if Los Angeles is too far to travel we also offer consultations by phone and email!

We’re happy you’ve taken the time to visit our site and browse our designs! To give you an idea of what to expect from I Do Concepts we want to give you an inside look at the process of ordering and creating your custom invitations and stationary.

The Consultation

I Do Concepts provides a free consultation by phone, email or in person at our Los Angeles studio. During the consultation we will discuss the style, theme and colors for your event. Next we will review our current and previous designs with you, if you find a design you love we can move straight to the ordering process!

If you are inspired by what you’ve seen, but want to design your own invitation you are in the right place. At I Do Concepts each element of the invitation (the color, the materials, the shape, the images, the packaging) can be adjusted to match your ideal. Reviewing our previous work can help you find a good starting point for custom designed invitations and stationary. You can also share inspirations with us that capture the look and feel of your wedding. Examples include a meaningful place, a season or a cultural reference. You may have something more specific like a color, flower, symbol or photograph that you would like us to incorporate into the design. We welcome and will happily include any ingredients you offer!

Ordering and the Contract

After the consultation work on your invitations or stationary can begin once we have a signed contract, 50% deposit and your text. Custom designed and printed paper products are very labor intensive and the signed contract protects everyone involved, no hidden fees or added charges for you!

Design and Proofing

Using the original consultation as a starting point I Do Concepts will create the first proof or your invitation or stationary. We will email you a digital proof to review for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and accuracy.

I Do Concepts offers up to five rounds of proofing, consultation and review for our “Ready to Order” invitations and stationary. Custom invitations and stationary are allowed an unlimited number of proofs, consultations and reviews; we do not stop until you are satisfied with the product!

We apply our experience from hundreds of projects to create a production timetable and an approval process that is hassle-free and guaranteed to deliver a flawless product on time, every time.

Final Approval

Once you have finalized approval of your digital proof we will prepare a sample for you to review as well. If you are local just stop by the studio to review the sample, otherwise we will ship it to you for final approval. The remaining balance is due at this point.

Printing and Production

After you have approved the sample we begin the printing and production of your invitations or stationary. Production times vary based on style, materials and parts, but average 3 - 8 weeks. We also offer rush service for an additional fee. We strongly recommend beginning the process 6 - 8 weeks before you plan on mailing your invitations.


Completed orders can be picked up directly from our Los Angeles studio or we will ship them to you, worldwide, using USPS, UPS, Fedex and other providers. We offer a variety of delivery options to ensure that your invitations and stationary arrive on time and in good condition!

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